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Thursday, April 29, 2004

hearing the truth can be like getting a whiff of a nasty gross egg fart of death.

this has been a week of burly revelations. be it whitey going home from our AZ trip to find out his girlie wasn't waiting for him. or my cousin finding out things about his ex.

other mutual friends, with problems of their own as well.

even me. even i'm floored with news that i had no idea about, news that affects only me.

but i like the truth still. i like it even though it can sting a bit. and the truth can set you free, literally.

when i was a kid being forced to go to sunday school, they were all talking one day about how lying is a sin. and that lying will basically send your dead rotted carcass and soul to a terrible and tortured eternal afterlife in hell. but i, at whatever single digit age i was, asked the bitch sunday school teacher, "but what about lying because if you didn't tell your lie people would be hurt, mebbe even killed? what about lying to save someone's life?"

well she obviously was stumped, and it's been like 15+ years since i've even been in a sunday school class. and if i had to tell her anything right now, besides that there isn't a hell anyways, i'd tell her the right answer would be, "well lil anti, that depends...." cuz life is complicaetd and there ain't no fucking black and white answer for everything. there's a lot of fucking gray, mannnnn, and we just coast along through it blasting a kick ass mix CD. not caring. that's good.

there is like three ppl in the world who i tell EVERYTHING to. the three of them read this blog actually too. and everyone else knows what i tell them, nothing more. i don't lie to them, per say, i just omitt the shit that is none of their business, but when it becomes their business, i act right, and i share what i know.

i know i know... you're all prolly thinking, "this anti, he sure can't make up his child-like mind, didn't he just say a bit ago that ignorance was blisss, and fucking knowing shit?"

and yer right.

but i guess it's like the lying. it just depends.

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