Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, March 13, 2004

YOU can't kill me, cuz i'm already DEAD

i got my hair slicked back all nice and guido style and i'm dressed to the nines, and as i sat here at my computer before leaving the house... it felt different.

it's felt like this for a while now though.

and the feeling is basically lack of intrest. i just don't give a fuck anymore. stats? who cares. comments?? i'll never have much involvement with comments anymore.

i used to justify cracking out on the internet by saying, "welp, i don't have cable tv. this is my form of entertainment."
but it's not like that anymore. blogs are boring. and so is everything else on the web.

so like, i sit down at the computer, open my web browser... and i'm stumped. i got nowhere i really wanna go. i check my email, scratch my head... and then shrug my shoulders as i get up from my chair and pace my apartment back and forth.

i like shit like buzznet now. where i feel like to participate, i have to actually LEAVE THE COMPUTER, and take coolio pictures. but yah. the internet has really lost my intrest.

but imma moody son of a bitch. so try me in an hour, and i'll be singing a whole new song.

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