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Monday, March 29, 2004

what the fuck?!?!?! this guy is stealing my patented dance moves!!!!

there wasn't enough work to go around this last weekend, so yes, i'm back to being piss poor. i've barely eaten the last few days, and all i can think about is how bad i want a nice fresh tastey green bonghit.

i have a job in victorville this weekend. that's like two hours away i think... so looks like it's another weekend of living in my chevy. oh joy.

i am cell phone-less once again as well. see... the cell phone was hooked up thru my friend and was in some chick's name, cuz my credit reads like a transcript from laugh-in, and anyways, the bitch decides out of the blue, "i don't like this situation."

but that's mighty fine with me in the end, cuz cell phones are the devil. just kidding i don't believe in silly things like the devil. a little red dude standing in a pit of fire? with a PITCH FORK? why a pitch fork? what... the fucking devil does farm-hand-work with bales of hay? why is there fucking hay in hell anyways? and are their horses too? bahhhhh, fuck it....

we're supposedly having a heat wave in LA, but here at my pad by the beach.... everythings nice and perfect.

maybe one of my friends will let me scrape their pipes and smoke their resin. damn i'm pathetic.

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