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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

to me it's easy to see how someon could get hooked on pills. they're fucking awesome.

but i ain't no god damned soap belly, and i never will be. or maybe i will, just to spite what i reveal here. cuz fuck this place where people think they KNOWWW all about me.

like what rocks to me is that i've talked about it on here a million times and posted pics of it, and EVERYthing like that... but none of you really understand what the fuck it is i do for a living.

you have some kinda vauge idea that i deal with signs, and hire homeless people for some kinda task... then you're ahead of the pack.

but i guess what's brilliant is NOT the job itself, but the lifestyle that job causes one to lead. YES, signs is a lifestyle.

i'm obbsessed with all other signs i see any and everywhere, i focus in on everything going on with people on the sidewalks. i can't stop talking about signs...



anyways, really i'm just obbsessed with any work that i have ever had. so who fucking knows.

what matters right now is that i'm affraid to lay down right now, because it's near impossible to get back up at the moment.

OHHHH!!!!! and i locked my keys in my car, and had to break into my place. it was the virgin break in too, so i had to sorta plan it out... but now my keys, my wallet, my all that crap, is locked up and away. till tomorrow when i fel like dealing with it.

peace monkeys, and i'm out.

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