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Thursday, March 25, 2004


i pretend like i care, but i just don't.

i can watch a game, and get into it johnny on the spot. but i don't really care who wins, or who loses, and a really good play makes me say, "nice one." not jump around like my clothes caught on fire.

so kobe flew in from his rape colorado thingy and made it to the game, and the lakers won. some people were all, "oh mannn, i HATE the sacremento kings, " but when i ask them why, nobody has a better answer than, "just cuz, mannn" and that i don't get.

the only sports i ever REALLY cared about were the ones you play on nintendo or whatever. but that was back when i actually played video games.

i LOVE going to sporting events... but again, it ain't cuz i give a shit about what's going on. i like that there's a million people all amped and getting hammered., nothing more. and well.... i like watching hockey for the violence. but f'reals, i'd pay to never have to go to another baseball game. can you say drunken uncomfortable sunburn? try a dodger day game on for size.

i'd lift weights, but they're just so fucking heavy.

i heard if you gamble on the games it becomes far more intresting and exciting. so maybe i'm just too cheeap (or too smart) to enjoy sports. maybe i just was into garbage pale kids instead of baseball cards as a kid. maybe you're a weirdo stalker for reading my blog. anything's possible.

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