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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

so i just logged in here because the pills i'm eating are making me sleep like 24 hours of the day and that makes me crazy, because i don't like sleeping that much and so now i'm just gonna keep typing until i can stay awake without effort or until this gets boring wich it might start to do at any second. so last night i came within reach of remembering my dream, something i have not done in a long ass time, and i can remember that i almost remembered it, but oh well who fucking cares, i love the sound the keyboard makes when i don't stop like i am doing right now. sorry for the typos, but i just fail to care at the moment for petty shit like that. i know what i'm saying and thats tuff shit for all of you, oh crap the phone it ringing. that was my mom, and she said a bunch of crap that i can't remember, except for the part where she said that grandma and grandpa might kick me down thier old microwave, but they've been saying that for months now, and just whuuutever to all of that, because really i'm just mad that i don't have any marlboro reds, or fucking camel lights, or chesterfields or anything. but i do have weed, and it stinks something awesome, like a skunk died in my house, and i guess i'll just smoke weed and pretend i don't care that there's no cigs in the house. my friend is coming over after work, and i think they're gonna pick up a pizza along the way and that will rule, and shit maybe i can bum a smoke or two off the person. who knows. but damn i'm bored of this already, i've done typed what i could and now i'm gonna lay down on my couch and listen to the radio.

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