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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Propaghandi - Haillie Sellasse, Up Yor Ass

You speak of Rastafari

but how can you justify...

in a God that's left you behind?

You simply fill the gap

between the upper and lower class

and your faith merely keeps you in line. (in line, yah)

An amalgamation of jewish scripture
and christian thought.
What will that get you? Not a fucking fuck of a lot.

Take a look at your promised land.

Your deed is that gun in your hand.

Mt. Zion's a minefield.

The West Bank.

The Gaza strip...

Soon to be parking lots for American tourists

and fascist cops, yah.

Fuck zionism.

Fuck militarism.

Fuck americanism.

Fuck nationalism.

Fuck religion.

Fuck religion.

Fuck religion.

Fuck religion

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