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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

i remember st. patricks day in middle school, when kim brandon wore those green thigh high stockings with that green plaid schoolgirl skirt thing, and really... was it any wonder she was voted class president? legs like those can take over the world.

so today, i wake up for the second time, and it's 2 in the afternoon, i have on green boxers... and google has a coolio green logo today.

kiss me, i'm 1/8 irish.

i used to hate guinness. it reminded me of trying to drink soy sauce. and it was flat. and gross.

my friends are relentless though, and continued to exclusively buy guinness by the boatload...
and so i was the reluctant convert, who has plans on drinking as much guinness as he can tonight at the peir.

st. patricks day is my third favorite holiday (july 4th is my 1st favorite, and my birthday is my 2nd) so lets all get drunk and fall down.

yah so i have two kinds of weed on me right now. there's this one kind that's really nothing special, and then there's the skunky smelling home grown. but what's with that term home grown anyways, cuz ain't it all grown in someone's home at one point or another? anyways... i'm totally feeling this 'homegrown' shit, cuz it's extremely floral... and actually makes my apartment smell kinda nice for a change.

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