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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

i found 500 bucks tonight!!!!


but fuck it, cuz it was 500 bucks i already had. an old pay check that got misplaced.

so i starved, and wished and wished for weed... and all because my dumbass forgets that he has a pay check sitting for almost a month on some dumbass shelf.

who fucking does that?
who starves and begs while the whole time sitting on 500 bones (or clams) that they totally forgot about??
am i that high all the time???

so i bought bigtanky some 7 up, and bought myself an arizona raspberry iced tea... and tomorrow i'll buy the finest weed this county has to offer. cuz i deserve the shit out of it.

tomorrow i wash the car, the clothes, and i'll even get on my knees and scrub my nasty ass bathroom floor like a little bitch--
i mean like a studdly motherfucker.

yah. right.

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