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Sunday, March 21, 2004

although as a sign job guy i'm supposed to hate the signwalkers... OH AND I DO

but some of the regular ones are pretty cool with me. and yes... there are people who are regular signwalkers and take the bus from buena park to get to us. for those of you that don't know the geograghy of southern california... let me clarify... To travel from buena park by bus as far as places like sunland, is INSANE.

but take JR for example... he's mildly retarded, but a hard worker, and fucking just always happy and smiley. he'll be all, "hey dogggg, same hours tomorrow?" but he'll ask me ten million times. or today it was fat ass don's birthday. so i gave him the best corner... the one in front of carl's junior. yes i'm a good boss.

i even bought 1-liter-size cokes for four of the guys that had shitty spots that weren't near anything... but i thought it was kinda funny too, cuz i knew they'd eventually have to pee, and there weren't no bathrooms either.

but yah, the point is this: not all signwalkers are piece's of shit. and fuck you to all the ones that are.

oh and props to the signwalkers that shall remain nameless for obvious reasons who sold me a nickle bag for $3. yay.

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