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Sunday, February 22, 2004

who's got your respect? who do you admire? who you gonna invite when you buy your private island?

i was recently written and asked to write on esuch things. and therefore i will indulge.

people that have my respect are people that think. people that don't just swallow what's told to them. the one's who are always trying to poke holes in a story to uncover any untruths.

who do i admire... that's hard. i look up to my mom. i think she's a badass. recently i went to her house, and hung out for like ten minutes, and i was reading this yellow lined pad of paper she was keeping notes on. it was a list titled, "finding spirituality and happiness" how fucking awesome is that. she's making a fucking list.

the private island question is hard for me too. cuz i close my eyes, and all i can see is weekend at bernie's, and that just disturbs me.

anyways, this apartment sorta is my private island... and there have been very few invites. bigtanky the up the street homie comes over most often. and really... that's about it. dave has stopped by now and then... but he has to hide the fact he's hanging with me, cuz his ladie thinks i'm the devil...

they are the only two people that have been here more than like... twice.

but i'm in that transitional stage, where i don't really want any of the friends i used to have, and haven't made all the new friends i want yet. and really.. i'm not even sure i want many friends. who fucking needs friends anyways.

this is the friend i want... a dude with a car, and his own money, pot, and his own everything... who comes over, instead of me hanging at his house.. and who knows when to leave before i get annoyed. whitey's the best at it... before he moved away.

and that reminds me,. i need to visit him in santa cruz as soon as humanly possible. he's till homeless up there, but you'd never be able to tell. oh and ANNNNNNND whitey's gonna start training on the sign job. he's gonna be the northern cali jobber of signs. how tight is that?

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