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Sunday, February 01, 2004

when you do a sign job... you never really stop working.

like when i started on friday... i showed up at 7am, and worked until about 9pm.

14 solid hours of hussle, got me?

so the next day was more mellow, only 7am - 6pm... 11 hours.

and today i woke up at 8am... and got dicked by the marathon or whatever it was in front of my house... and have to go back to the job at 9 tonight (in an hour) and clean up the rest of my signs. and i might get home by 10... let's just call that 12 hours. for a total of 37 hours in three days.

ok ok....

you guys know the truth, i cannot tell a lie.

i am not actually WORKING during all these 37 hours.
sometimes i am sleeping in my car, or wandering aimlessly in the nearest mall, or basically just sitting on my ass.
BUT STILL... you try and spend that much time in your car and not go completely insane!!!

fat fucking chance, you bunch of cocksuckers.


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