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Friday, February 27, 2004

so this morning i wake up after an invigorating 3 hour power nap, and headed to work, only to find myself with a marlboro in my mouth 3 hours too early for work, hanging out in my boss's backyard.

ahhh well... i got let off early and now i am here at home and my hiar is dyed so fucking black i look like a walking ink pad. i know... i fucking think its cool too.

so the new battle plan is to hyper focus on keepingmy apartment and car clean. like anally retentive clean. and hopefully it will add order to other areas of my life. how can my life be inorder when my car is just one giant ash tray? and ask c diddy... she stuck her head in the car window and can vouch. or ORR ask my friends... they'd rather pay the $2.25 a gallon we're paying here in LA than ride with me. and only about 15% of their excuse is the fact that i drive with a death wish... the rest is the smell of signwalker thats imprinted into my seats. remember, signwalker = smelly homeless guy in my car...

i love my job.

they make tan in a can, why can't they make pastey in a can. i wanna look like a corpse.

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