Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, February 02, 2004

ok so now that i scraped enough resin and caught a mild head change from it, i feel that i can write and write.

i like to just type whatever and never really stop typing or check for typos or any of that crap, i gotta purge these thoughts fast before they dry up and fly away

oh yah and tell your mom, anti says, "thanks for last night"...

i'm fucking out of cash even though i worked, because this playing catch up shit is killing me. how can i be making so much cash, and STILL be making back payments on everything from rent to the phone to credit cards, yah yah blah blah.

tonight i shall roam the streets of orange county "installing" signs. the cool illegal style again. i staple the signs literally to every single fucking thing i can. they say, "we buy houses" i'll pop off some pics tonight. but what i do is, i basically listen to the radio for so many hours that i can repeat to you almost any los angeles area radio commercial by heart. everything from sit n' sleep the mattress susperstore, or the bail guy commercials, to the viagra commercials and robbins bros. wedding engagement ring stores ads.

can everyone on the radio please stop talking about the NFL halftime show? i didn't watch the game i was working, and even if i did watch the game i sure as fuck would have not watched the half time show. superbowl isn't about the game or what team you like or what commercials were teh funniest....
it's fucking about partying, being drunker than the next guy, and crashing parties. am i wrong? AM i wrong?

the stench of the homeless people i hire everyweekend to hold signs on the street corner is offically taking over my car. at least that's my excuse.

ok i need a cigarette and shit. maybe i'll be back.

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