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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

ok so i got ONE night in an actual bed, and was gonna shoot for two, but the front desk of the red roof inn on camelback and 7th ave said, "your shit was declined", and i have like $20 bucks cash... so not only am i sleeping in the truck tonight AGAIN, but i derno if i have enough dinero to get home to LA. awesome! thank god i stole a pillow from the motel room...

can you say western union? i hope fucking someone can, cuz i'm an out of state begger now.

at least i got a big bag of chronic and my shitty little plastic bong thing, that should make me nice and apethetic for a few hours. but what else is new, eh?

and so here i am at the only internet place i know of besides circle k, and they are hooking me up cuz i am getting the celebrity discount, and i wish i had either a cell phone, or a fucking non-maxed out credit card, or some shit.

i think i am gonna go drive everywhere, and try and find that reletive i allegedly have out here, and/or beg for western fusion from everyone who's phone number i can remember. so like... if those two people are broke i'm fucked.

what's up with arizona bloggers? can't they hook a brother up? i'll reciprocate with bonghits!!!!1

i just now decided that i am the stoniest stone that ever stoned. if you disagree go suck a cock.

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