Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

marc thinks dave looks like weird al. so do i.

so yah people of earth, anti is making a comeback. it's gonna go like 3, 2, 1... detination. cuz i'm about to explode on the scene like my name was mean green.

i can feel it happening all around me. scratching names off the list of people i owe money to is like thousands of pounds being heaved off of my back.

my new favorite thing to do is wondow shop. i look at all the fancy little gadgets they sell at best buy, like the portable dvd player, the coolio laptops, the GPS thingies for your car, radar detectors, palm pilots, dvd burners, and playstation II. the way i see it, i'll be able to start saving up for any and/or all of that shit (aka, have my debts taken care of) in like threeeeeeee tiny more weeks. AND... i don't have to live like a starving stranded monkey in the meantime. that's right... i ate TWICE yesterday.

still thinking about a second part time job just to take care of this massive influx of cash in such a short time with so many days off in between gigs. mo money mo money money

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