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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, February 28, 2004

it's funny what inspires me to come on here and post some crap... this time it's cuz i've been trying for an hour to get a motherfucker to answer their phone (ANY motherfucker) so i could buy me some herbal ramification up in my station. and i finally got a hold of the MF.

i worked today. it was cool. i actually worked on two seperate sign jobs today. one in reseda, and one in sunland. but some how i spent most of the day playing metroid, zero mission on my newest best friend.

is the sepulveda pass on the 405 ever not just a parking lot?

the viking and C Dizzle came over last night, and brought their huge ass dogs. i'd love to have them over more, butmy house has:
1. no food
2. no cable tv
3. no clean cups (so you can rule out even being able to score some tap water)
4. not enough room for shit
5. only one bong (no simultaneous bong hitting)
6. a bathroom so filthy you might vomit

...actually, what the fuck am i doing here? this place is boring and whack to top it off!

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