Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

i wrote to god.

i also drove to temecula, then to north hollywood, and tomorrow i don't work yet, but everyone else does. mmm, i love that.

i love when *i'm* the guy who got the sweet gig. the non arizona gig. the no sign walker homeless people gig.

yes funkotrons, it's good to be alive, and even better to be me. there seems to be no limits now... i might even be richer sooner than i think.

wouldn't that just be shits and giggles? me the internet begger hitting it rich...
so here's the thing people need to start understanding, it's about traffic on the road. if you fuck with me, i WILL kill us both. i'm crazy. i don't care. so like when i try to go around you, don't race me to try and not let me over. first of all, i have a V8, and will school you and your toyota tercel.... secondly, you're just going slow, and holding me up, why do you enjoy me tailgating you close enough to smack you upside the head?
see those? those are my brights.
hear that? that is my horn.
and you better believe i have a super sized root beer from taco bell with your name on it.

try me.


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