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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

i will never have children. i hate kids.

not really. i love them. i do. i think, "god dammit anti, aren't kids just the most pleasant creatures ever?" and then i smile... and i sip apple juice, and we all have a happy hiipie love in and sing "oh lord, cumbia" with acoustic guitars, sitting indian style.


the facts are this. i will NEVER have kids. call me selfish, call me whatever... i think i'm doing the world and my un born baby a favor. cuz man, i do not want that at all. i don't want the emotional burden, or the financial responsibility...
and basically, i'm ready to go under the knife, and to get my balls fixed so that no baby seeds come out of it. i wanna shoot blanks.

of course this will be our little secret... just me and you...

i hate the haters. they're always telling me shit like,
"oh mannn, you might want to rethink that idea, cuz what if you want kids later?"
they assume that i hate children.
and the thing is, i KNOW i don't want no fuckn kids... and no i don't HATE children, but yah, they're filthy loud germ-ridden creatures who often have less ability to act right than a golden retriever. so file me under whatever.

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