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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

i took this pic today

fucking holy crap. i am digitally connected again, and it makes me want to cry. a MANLY cry... fuck off...

anyways, yah, i got a new cell phone. and i am very unhappy about this. cuz like, life cellphoneless was starting to fucking rule the school supreme.

people use their cell phones too damn much anyways. use some fucking restraint. oh, you HAVE to be talking to what's-her-tits in line at 7-11? here's a thought... call the bitch back, pay the man for your powerbar, and let US (the rest of the world) get on with our lives.

chrissakes, do you take the fucking thing in with you while you're shitting? so you can be using every free second of you life enhanced by a phone call... huh? do yah? cuz i mean, if you can't even behave yourself in a goddamned variety store, then you're really just a tacky talker. and i bet you're also the kinda person that talks all super loud at places like... sayyy... the next fucking table over from me, or, basically anywhere NEAR me. that's you? isn't it?

well, when i see people on their cell phones now, i'm just embarrased for them. like, yah, i have one now again, not by choice though. AND it will be off, and ignored as much as possible.

except during work. and even THEN, i'll only answer incoming calls from my boss or the client. NOONE else. nope.

so are you all curious what my new number is? i'll give you a clue... it's not 310, and it's not 213, and it's not 323... and that is all i'm gonna sayyyyyyy mothafuckas. i have a prize for the first person to figure out the cell number.

but new phone is pretty awesome, at least i won't have to run into a random jack in the box with the non car charger (my old phone, and um the wall plug was the only kind it took) and it died, and tony pierce told me some trick once, but i was baked and forgot to ever try it, and well, now that problem is my past. now the problem is i want the phone dead. heh.
now i'm gonna close my eyes and try and will myself a lighter to appear magically in my hand so i can hit mary
and delete my brain

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