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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, February 02, 2004

i had a friend tell me today, "anti, from now on i'm just gonna listen to you." because i'm always right, and know what to do. it's just the way i stroll it. and actually, it's cuz every-fucking-thing happens to my ass, so i know how to correct the situation.

see homie lost the keys to the honda, right? so man, who's got the answer? me.

"why not call a fecking locksmith?"

"it's more complicated that that, i'd have to break in, take out the lock from the glove box, and take it to the dealership..."

"um no... call triple A. they hooked me up a key, and paid most of th costs..."

so i come over to offer assistance, and the locksmith arrives, gets the car open, and we chill inside to avoid the rain. that's just when homie's frind calls and says that so-and-so has the keys, and we jam out to CANCEL the locksmith... and we were just in time.

but now the person who called isn't answering, and we need that cars keys like yesterday, so i suggest we go back to plan A, since the car is now unlocked. and we get that lock out, and homie gets a bright idea.

NOTE TO READER: this is officially where homie SHOULD have listened to anti.

and homies bright idea is that we lock the car. i say, "no that's retarded because we're gonna get the key made right away yes... but we don't have the key yet." but homie wouldn't listen and it wasn't until after we were locked out of the car did we realize that the interior dome light was on, and now the battery was gonna get drained, so we booked it and headed to scott robinson honda, but on the way we called and found out that we were too late, and then we magically got a call from so-and-so who had the keys, and figured out a way to get them asap. wich was an hour away.

btw, i don't mention i had 8, yes EIGHT semesters of woodshop in highschool enough. basically there wasn't a day in highschool that went by where i didn't have woodshop at least once a day. preferably twice a day. so i am extremely resourceful when it comes to getting shit done.

and i manufacture this rad little door opener device out of a coat hanger, and get that shit creeped in there fish hook style and pulled up on the lock, and PRESTO... anti fixed the problem. cuz imma trouble shooter, baby. i fucking get paid the big bucks to defuse situations. or will get paid the big bucks eventually. believe that.

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