Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

i feel like avoiding everyone who knows me, and without any notice or explanation.

i just wanna be sad in my room, sitting in silence, ignoring the the world.

i want my friends, and i want them to want me... but i don't NEED them. fuck them.

like right now... i don't feel important. and the truth is... i'm not.
anyone who has me in their life could easily replace who i am or what i am to them.
there's nothing special about me.

tonight as i clean up my signs in the ghettos of Los Angeles, i'll do what i always secretly do.... and wish for something terrible to happen to me.

do you ever wish to die? do you ever wonder who'd be at your funeral?
i don't even want a funeral. i just want to be burried in privacy. and instead of a tombstone, will someone please hammer a square plastic sign into my grave? thanks.

i haven't spoken a word out loud in nearly 24 hours.

i want to be chief broom, and just maintain as a fly on the wall, and i'll mop the psych ward, and avoid nurse ratchet. that sounds dreamy.

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