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Wednesday, February 11, 2004


dear growers of low grade marijuana,

that's my first question.
i just don't get the point in shitty pot. is it because you like the taste of ass in your mouth? is it because you like a jazillion seeds in the tiniest of nugs? is it because you are capatalizing on the cheap skates out there who are willing to pay $5 for a nickel bag of funk, but really it should be called a nickle bad of fucked.

are you that lazy?
that's my next question...
cuz like i am sure great pot, hightimes magazine centerfold quality style, is not just as simple as throwing some seeds absent mindedly into some soil, and poof you got pot coming out of your ears. it's takes fancy lights, light and dark cycles, knowledge of growing weed, and prolly a green thumb to boot.
last time i checked, the us government don't give a shit if the pot is good or not. so if you're gonna get in just as deep shit for growing and selling the weak, cheapo, seed-infested crap... why not swing for the fences? get up off your ass, and stop with the growing of nasty trees.

(thirdly is the word of the day, might i add...)
have you no self respect?
where is the pride in producing low grade goods? are you proud that your crap is total shit? don't you want to sit there, and look and what you've produced, and say, "this is some goooooooood shit." ?? besides the fact that the better the shit, the easier to sell, and the more profit margin to your benefit...

in a perfect world, only shitty weed would be illegal.

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