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Monday, February 23, 2004

crackheads must think i am rich, although i don't know why.

like the guy who cleaned all my cars windows for ten cents, on slauson and the 110 freeway. i was putting out signs, ran back to my truck when i saw what looked like a homless guy trying to break in, but it was just some crackhead. but he did a nice job. even got my side mirrors. and wouldn't you know it... with my luck... ten minutes after i made the deal of the century and got clean windows... it starts raining.

but yah man... i'm like a crackhead magnet. aren't i lucky? like when i was rolling through detroit on my drive back home across the country last summer. i was on woodward and mcnichols, on a pay phone, with no shoes on, at 4am in the monring. and this time it wasn't just crackheads, hookers were hitting me up too. i think the no shoes thing helped me out though... cuz they prolly thought, "awww poor white boy already got jumped for his shoes."

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