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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

the best day of my life was when i figured out people pleasers are total pussies. cuz i used to be one.

now it's like this, oh you don't like the music i'm playing in my truck??? well then save up and buy your own fucking car, my friend. and feel privlidged i took the window lock off.

like really why is other people's happiness any of my business? that's on you sucka. my job is to make sure i am as high and as happy as possible and i do a damned good job of it. but luckily, i'm easy to please.

in fact, the truth is i'm often entertained by people's lack of content. never let me know i have the ability to push your buttons.i'll push your buttons like i was trying to tap out the gettysburg address in morse code.

the people that bore me and never become the butt of my jokes are the people who keep cool as a cucumber no matter what. where's the fun in that? why am i gonna waste my rad disses on you if you don't even act like they're insulting.

poverty is SO HOT right now. and break away pants.

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