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Friday, January 30, 2004

yah i'm covered in dirt, yah i just got home from the LBC, and yes... there are signs everywhere.

my boss and coworkers all have faith in me, because i've proven myself worthy enough times over. it's a good feeling. one thing this lazy piece of shit can say with out a doubt is, "i'm a hard worker". needing more work is usually the problem.

SO ANYWAYZ... it's fried-ay night, and i feel the uncontrolable urge to go out and blow the money i borrowed for gas on drinks weed, and partying in general. did i mention i have over $1,200 sitting in my car? it's the money i'm using for payroll, because imma have a crew of 10 people each day for this job in the LBC. but god damn, you better believe i used all my will power when i drove by larry flint's hustler casino there in gardena, and DIDN'T pull into the parking lot.

so now? now what am i gonna do all friday night? not a goddddd damned thing. maybe a shower. maybe i'll watch sling blade again. mmmmmm Hmmm. i reckon i will.

believe me nobody is more disapointed than i am that there's not some kinda plan involving me and booze, and however many playboy bunnies that will fit in my hot tub. but i must use restraint in these times of coming up. every drink bought, taxi ride taken, and or door cover paid for puits me that much farther from my goal. and the goal is to have my bills paid for, and food in the fridge. reasonable enough, right? i was just never good at this delayed gratification type thing.


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