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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

there was this one time we convinced wiatt to drink the old bongwater.

we told him, "dude you drink that shit, you'll get fffffffucked up dude. trust us."

and he did. he trusted us and drank that two months old bong water... and he got fffffffffucked up. but not the good kinda fucked up.

an hour had passed and he was already curled up in a feverish ball on the floor shivering in front of the space heater.

wiatt was two years younger than us, and therefore he was like a science project to us. he'd do anything we told him, and we were high and bored, and wanted to see what would happen if say we convined wiatt to drink the ancient bongwater.

but me and my homies sure felt bad when he had a 103 fever the next day. but oh well. the lesson learned? it something in between not drinking bongwater, and not being the youngest when in highschool.

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