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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

since saturday all i've eaten is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. why are all the jobs that claim to be "feast or famine" so lacking in feasts? is the feast part all a buncha bologna? some kinda bait and switch tactic?

or just me and my dumb luck... yeah that's what i thought.

if ignorance is bliss, and knowledge is power... how come we got ignorant people in charge of everything? i know you're prolly thinking, "who cares as long as they're happy..." and i back that 100%. more power to that line of logic, ect ect. but there's a system at work here, and we're all perpetuating it's existence.

you can't even talk to people about it, because they have their one liners and justifications to shut you down with the push of a button. but they're part of "the herds" or the masses, who don't like to have to think, and are far more comfortable watching dharma and greg reruns in the middle of the night than actually having a thought of their own.

it's like you can't even squeeze in the consideration of a new idea, because they have this whole interlocking infrastructure of reasoning that will crumble down to a pile of lies and warped reality if they did ever consider it. it would be no different than trying to squeeze a chevy carburetor into a dodge engine. you'd basically have to scrap everything and rebuild it with chevy shit, otherwise the engine won't run. you get me?

why are there no atheist missionaries, spreading the faith that there is no god, and our bible "popular science magazine", and shit like that... ?? because us non believers think it's fantastic you found a little hobby for sunday mornings, it's like a little clubhouse, and you all get to hold hands and sing and feel great. we don't want to take that from you. we think it's fucking awesome. you get to die and turn into wormfood just like me.

scared little non-thinkers perpetuating the cruel and viscous realities of our savage modern day version of Darwinism where, literally, one has to sabotage or be sabotaged... and really was neanderthal man more civilized than we are? it's debatable.

don't ask where this rant came from. because it came from my ass.

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