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Sunday, January 11, 2004

practically every movie you watch blows goats.

movies that take place in some "far away" place, or some "far away time" or any of that crap, are just weird and boring. who can fucking relate to that shit?

like the lord of the rings.
elves, dwarves, hobbits, gandolf, blah blah
it sounds like some kinda geekfest role playing game. but at least dungeons and dragons has kinda association with the occult, so it's a wee bit cooler.

or movies that take place in some strange far away land... like star wars, or bad boys II. (yes florida is a strange far away land).

i really only like movies that take place in LA. like pulp fiction, up in smoke, , the big lebowski, stand and deliver, and crocodile dundee III. ya know, movies where i can constantly remind everyone of my wonderful geograghy-of-losAngeles skills to pay the bills type shit with a half cab mctwist.
hey that's right by the hollyweird bowl..."
"i know where they are! that's east LA, on sixth street!"
"look they just drove by tony pierce's house!"

yeah there's the few exceptions to the rule, like as i mentioned somewhere else, TRON is tight. i also like ace ventura II, and cubed. and they're all non LA films.

oh and movies where people have accents?! GOD KILL ME
i couldn't even handle five seconds of snatch. or even good will hunting made my ears bleed. and that reminds me, FUCK MASSSACHOOBLAHBLAH

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