Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

my phone line is getting shut off soon, so this may or may not be the last post in a while. prolly not... i'll find internet somewhere to geek out on.

but jsut in case i'm intending on getting some things off my chest.

with regard to comments. when i started blogging, comments really helped me feel less insecure about my childish writing style. but it became something i obsessed on. too much so. and i was affraid to take comments away too cuz i thought i needed them for this shit to be fun for me still. cuz if it ain't fun i ain't doin it. and let's face it, you all would be so fucking heart broken.

but man, without the comments, things are groovy. and i feel like i can write more freely because i'm at that point where i could give a fuck about you the reader. read this dribble, go right ahead, but blame yourself for your sins this time.

i feel like becoming one of those long post, frequent update, types of bloggers. the ones you link out of obligation. i have always tried to keep my shit short and sweet as often as possible, because i felt like it'd be more likely to get read that way. because when i reach a blog that has a jillion words on it, i just scroll though and look at the pictures.

so fuck comments. i'm not publishing my email anymore. and stats are the next thing to go, cuz in the end... fuck all that extra stuff that is just distracting me. i don't care who comes here and from where and IP addresses, and yadda yadda. fuck it. i took it to the point of fun equivilent to watching mold grow. the indentity i've built on the internet is bad bad bad... it's getting killed pronto

cuz i'm not anti. or antidisestablishmentarian. that's just some messageboard thing i made up in 1999 that stuck. people would talk back and forth there, and i was half testing how long a name can be, and half trying to irritate everyone by having an obnoxious name. to this day i'm still not even sure what the fuck an antidisestablishmentarian is. and i could care less.

so who am i you ask? good question. who knows. i've revealed my true identity on here enough. if you don't know my real name by now, you're prolly not supposed to. i've been too caught up in all things electronic and digital and wires and machines and bleeps and clicks
more clicks
and the fucking hum of the machine. the hum that i can't sleep without hearing. the constant stimulation i need to keep busy.

if you;re reading this, turn off your computer and go straight outside. it's where i'm headed after this. if you read this sentence that means you're still here. serious, go outside in the cold suffering weather if you have to, and look around, take a picture, just get some fresh air.

there's so many things i never have done. like... fuck a hot chick while water skiing on one foot. and that shit ain't happening as long as i sit up in THIS piece. i'm out, yall bitches and stinkboxes.
eat a dick

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