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Sunday, January 18, 2004

my friends don't use me for my hot tub. contrary to poular belief.

yes they're using me, this much is true. but it's for the nicest of reasons.

they use me because where i am is the most fun place to be in the whole world. i could have a party in a coffin. and they know this. and like having fun. and therefore gravitate towards me as often as possible.

when it's time to go home at the end of the night... they're sad that they have to go anywhere they know i'm not gonna be. but wearing out their welcome would be a regretable mistake...

but my hottub?! pshhhhhh.... that's just an added bonus.

don't you wish you were my friend?

i'm more of a pool dude than a spa dude. that's me pretending to be a dead lifeless corpse.

"pretending" hahaha...

i might start selling sunglasses on a street corner in inglewood like i used to do in 98. that job was burly. i had to show up at 7am, set up the stand, and kick it there till 9pm when my boss came and payed us, grabbed the cash register, and the sunglasses.

it sounds ghetto, and it was, but man it was so mellow. i liked working with pete the best, cuz we were old highschool buddies and we'd drink tall boys under the tent thingy all day, and take turns sleeping in our cars, and peter stole twice as many sunglasses as he sold, and fuck i miss that job. sure a 14 hour shift is a bit much, especially on the days i got paired with the bosses scarecrow/wife... but ahh well. i think you catch my drift. and if you don't, you're useless to me.

but then again, you're useless no matter what.

adios, dirtbags.

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