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Monday, January 19, 2004

i'm just gonna write this post. and if i fuck up i don't care. so kill yourself

i remember the first time i tried out the 69 position. it totally sucked.

it's like as an american teenager there was no way i wasn't gonna try it. i had heard so much about it, and how rad it was. but let's face it, 69ing is way over-rated.

first of all, the position itself. unless you're on the floor or have a mattress the size of rhode island, there's really not enough room. legs spread out ect ect. not to mention the person on their back has it waty easier than the person on top.

nextly is that i think 69ing ruins getting head. i wanna lay back and enjoy my BJ, and not be distracted. i'm sure the head you get while you give head is not as good as the head you'd get if you weren't dividing her focus. and vice versa.

if two people are so bent on dual pleasure... why not just go at it with some old fashioned vaginal intercourse. aka, hittin the skins. i mean, at least that way you guys can talk about stuff, like politics, or global economics.

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