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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

i'm high off resin. and for those of you not in "the know", resin is like poor-man's-hashish, except a million times less cool.

and this poverty induced annorexia i'm dealing with really bites the big one. people think i'm skinnier than i have ever been, and it's true. pretty disgusting actually.

have you seen those snickers bar commercials where they demonstrate a "side effect of hunger"? i can totally relate. lemme tell you the list of hunger side effects I've experienced:
pain. the stomach straight up hurts. but it comes and goes. right now it's numb.
easily angered. i have lost all abilities to be patient.
emaciation. i look like sally struthers needs to make a drive by.
fatigue. even though i can't sleep, i have no energy.
and the worst of all... the death to all hope.

the sign job i do was unexpectedly slow these last two weeks, and it really threw a monkey wrench in my whole program. i'm working on finding a new job, it's just a fucking process is all.

it's funny cuz at first i was like, "whatta bummer, i have no weed."
then i was all, "aww fuck, i'm out of cigarettes!"
then i got frustrated by having no gas, rendering my car useless.
but now? NOW?

now i can't even be bothered thinking about that shit. i walked by the mirror with my shirt off to get to my bathroom last night, and winced as i saw my ribs sticking out. it's getting embarassing.

please find it in your heart to help me a tiny bit. i hate begging, i feel pathetic, and i am. i'm just in a fucked up situation, and even if only one person sent me a dollar... that's enough tobuyramen for a week. please please help me!

even just a dollar??? please?

thank you... ONE LOVE.

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