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Friday, January 09, 2004

i'm about as funny as a stale peice of bread. white bread at that.

i got un-invited to a dinner party tonight because two of my exgirlfriends were gonna be there. yes two. what i find ammusing is that there would have been no way in hell i'd have gone knowing they were gonna be there. so it all works out. except the act of getting un-invited is so...
it just makes me want to say, "don't have pity for me, honeybunchesofoats, i'm sitting pretty..." and by pretty i mean, pretty close to going postal.

but whatever, i'm done sweating the small shit. and the un-invitation was viewed as a favor to me. always look at people's motives. it might make whuuuutever easier to swallow. like when your bestfriend stabs you in the back and fucks your girlfriend. maybe he meant it as a favor. so you should just sing, "tra la la" and skip down the street chasing the ice cream truck. right?

ok, i guess there's boundaries.

but still, maybe that harmless prank that got pulled on you was designed to make you laugh, and even though you didn't, you should focus on the fact that someone was trying to make you smile. i know from experience that most people don't give a shit if you are smiling or not, and there sure ain't nobody trying to make me smile.

i once heard that it's a bad idea to do nice things for people, because they're gonna turn it around into, "you were nice to me, but not nice good enough!"
like they're gonna give you hell for buying them the wrong brand of smokes, and you're busy thinking, "jeeze, i knew you didn't have any, and i didn't even KNOW your actual brand, so i guess i ain't doin YOU a favor in a while..." because you were trying to be thoughtful.

"it's the thought that counts" is a myth. it's obviously "not fucking it up" that counts. but the frustrating part is, somethings you'll never do good enough. there is no "nice enough" for some people, and you're gonna lose more points than if you did nothing at all.

so much for trying to get an "a" for effort.

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