Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, January 16, 2004

i was raised by liars and crooks. wich is far cooler than bring raised by a pack of wolves, because wolves can't teach you crap except how to howl at the moon, and shit like that.

the most important rule of being a good salesman is that you have to sell yourslf first. meaning, noone's gonna buy crap from someone they don't like. basically salesman is synonomous with manipulator. and my family is full of world calss salesmen (or salespersons to be politically correct)

ever find out someone was talking about you behind your back, be it nice things or talking shit, and you just trip out so hard that people knew you were alive when you weren't in their direct vision? i do that all the time. i'll be all, "what's her name was talking about MEEEEE?" when really i shouldn't be shocked because we all know, anti = very interesting.

i had a dear friend who has known me since 9th grade ask me, "anti what has happened to you? you used to be the voice of reason, now you're totally crazy..." i didn't know how to answer because i was so floored that they ever consiered me a "voice of reason".

i think my blunt honesty approach to life is really hit or miss. the truth hurts, and lotsa people aren't ready for that shit. they wanna hear, "no you don't look fat in that dress" or, "i think that blonde chick digs you, bro" or, "your girlfriend is not a bitch" but who does that help? how am i doing you a favor by enabling you not live in reality.

if they want to be lied to, chances are they're lying to you too. so wow, they think you look fat in that dress, or that the blonde DOESN'T dig you, or whatever.... and are gonna let you play the fool and tell you what they think you want to hear. isn't that like "only true friends tell you when you have something stuck in your teeth"? being honest isn't bad manners, i don't care what you think.

i need a shower, and i have BO, but the guilty pleasure of the day is liking my BO.

i think people that read this bullshit website assume i'm an all around asshole. i'm so nice and friendly and smiley it's enough to make you puke. just thought i'd throw that in there.

hasta la vista, baby.

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