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Saturday, January 17, 2004

i can't speak for you (i would, if i could) so i just ask the questions you never want to have to answer.

i do it for the benefit of understanding. cuz how can you fully understand, and have thought something all the way through, unless you consider the ugly scary thoughts too. the thoughts that might be painful to consider.

for instance, i'll take a stance on something i know is ludacris, just to cross it off the checklist of possibilities. playing devil's advocate; it's a dirty but someone's got to do it.

maybe it's just selfish, because it's based on the way *I* think. i need to look at the pool table from all 360 degrees, and consider every possible shot, before i take my turn, and i think that's applicable to everything in life, from decisions to the way you feel about an issue, or anything.

fuck "question authority", it's should just be "question every-fucking-thing".

maybe i was just a smart ass in highschool or maybe i was doing it then too, cuz in my history class Ms. whats-her-face assigned debate topics to everyone. and guess who got the most ridiculously hard and obviously impossible topic? me. i got pro-slavery in the south. how do you argue in favor of something so internationally taboo, and that has such a consensus that it's evil and wrong, and that you aren't actually in favor of at all?
i got a an A+.

now of course you're thinking to yourself, "yeah sure, anti you retard, i'd do all that thinking, but sometimes there isn't enough time," and hey man, i totally feel you on this. i've been there, bro. and no, at time to think things through is a not always available. but that doesn't make it a luxury, it's still a neccesity. so whenever possible, turn your brain ON. and ask the biting questions that hurt. consider the opposite of how you feel or of how you view things.

i know i've been very advicey and assigned homework already this week. but tough shit for all you losers.

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