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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

so my big secret is almost over with. the suspended license. dun dun DUN.

yeah it's been since august since i got the letter frrom the collection agency saying, "turn in your license, and give the court your money". and i've put on at LEAST 12,000 miles since then. so what?

i'd have payed it sooner, but man, it's not like $628.00 falls out of the sky. so like, it's gonna be awesome to have that shit back. i was tired of relying on jedi mind tricks to not get pulled over. i tried "not speeding" once or twice but that makes me feel like i might as well walk.

if you're not going at least 15 miles over the speed limit, why bother?

oh and here's a little tip for all your southern californians out there on the roads: if you see a blue chevy truck, with an extremely dashing driver behind the wheel, it's prolly me. so get the fuck out of my way so i don't have to punish you with my brights and my horn. and if you drive next to me at the same speed, so i can't change lanes... i'm going crash my car into yours so that both our cars explode, and i'll see you in hell motherfucker because everytime i am trying to go somewhere some dipshit like yourself strolls on up, and goes THE ACTUAL SPEED LIMIT, and i look at the motherfucker, and i stare, and i honk, and bust the middle finger and...

whoops. obviously i'm very passionate when it comes to my road rage. i'm out for blood.

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