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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

a rookie as fuck poem about why, in the end, it's all good.

absurdity totally heard of me. clarity is a rarity. this buss will, not hussle...
unless it's cutting me off. like it just fucking did.

it's a fight to get right, parked in that spot that you like, keeping traffic at bay, singing "have a happy holiday!!!"
but that's just stupid and dumb, and there's not enough captain's spiced rum,
and cokes,
so i toke, and make insecure jokes...
about lonliness and family rejection.
indifference is my inflection.
unwanted pity from every direction.

keep that shit homie, put it in your pocket
and rock it,
cuz i have no shame in my game.
i'm just kickin it live, i suggest you do the same.

i drive by the malls and the stores
and the goodwill-bell-toting-whores,
and think
how i haven't made an in-store-appearance,
and how little interference,
christmas has actually had.
and i'm glad.

i ate cupcakes my nephew made for santa, and OH MY GOD, my cousin jenny... she was cooking some shit on the stove, and she put her cheapo cigarette lighter on the stove too, and there was a huge explosion, and we told her that her eyebrows were singed off, and that was fucking awesome, and then we get to make fun of her for it for years. and really...
that's fucking christmas.

that and wrapping-paper-ball-wars.

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