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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

remember when i said FUCK THANKSGIVING? . . .?

well FUCK CHRISTMASS TOO, motherfuckers.

that's the one good thing about living in this maddening, palm tree ridden, diseased, concrete jungle of a "paradise" we call LA. or how about "L Gay"??? or "L Shitty" is even better. ANYWAYS here it never feels like christmass, and i love it. it ain't snowing... there ain't no rockafeller giant ass tree thing... it's not all holidays all up in my face every two seconds. except for the fucking salvation army, bell ringing, door-monkeys, money collecting, guys. if it weren't for boz's blog's holiday decor, i'd have totally forgot about christmass. dammit i wish i had selective memory.

i read my blog a year ago and totally forgot that last year we didn't do christmass either. my sisters were broke, and so everyone decided, "let's just no do christmass"...

this year, I'M broke. THEY're fine. so they're all gonna just do christmass without me. i'm not bitter. no not at all.

but in the end i really don't care. i have more important things to worry about than wrapping paper, and scotch tape.

maybe i'll eat dinner at muscle 68's house. wait is that like inviting myself? hahaha like i care.

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