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Saturday, December 27, 2003

i got flipped off today, and it totally pissed me off, because all i was doing was tailgating...
and flashing my brights...
and honking.

but the bright side is...
i hadn't been flipped off in weeks and i was starting to wonder if i had lost my touch. i still got it!

and props to the white GMC little truck that was also going 90MPH the whole time, even though i whupped his ass once we got to the newhall pass. i like fellow speeders. it makes me feel less likely to get pulled over... for no good reason at all.

i'm so sick i have the heater on full blas, a sweatshirt on, my pants and shoes on...
i'm under a blanket
and i'm still ferezing cold, but a sweaty mess at the same time.

and all i want is to smoke my weed. but my bong scares me. it's all tall and menacing, and i know i'll die once i get the inevitable coughing fit. or maybe throw my back out.

i've done that before... i threw my back out from a bonghit.
i could barely move, i even had to pee in a dixie cup, cuz i couldn't make it all the way to the bathroom.

anyways, i'm just rambling now, and blathering, and all i want is to fell better, and bathe myself in NyQuil. i have cherry flavored right now, and it's soooooo nasty. green death flavor forver! ok... i'm done.

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