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Monday, December 08, 2003

i cannot go to bed before 3am anymore. and it's all howard stern's fault.

that's when his show starts it's live broadcast from wherever the fuck he is. but then, as i listen... i laugh, and i wanna hear the whole show, so i stay up even later. it's a vicious cycle.

actually that radio show is why i hate weekends. i mean suuuure ARROW 93.1 is playing blocks of classic rock, KLON 88.1 is always bumpin the sickest jazz, and who doesn't love "breakfast with the beatles" on sundays... but it just ain't the stern show.

i first got hooked on stern in 8th grade, 92-93. i would sit in class with a hoodie on so i could draw my name on my notebook and listen to my favorite show, because i'm such a genius i never needed to waste time studying or doing homework. an ten years later i'm as hooked on it as i ever was.

tony pierce said he was gonna see about getting hooked up with the E! crew that does the filming of his show. that made me so jealous. but i guess he never got lucky enough to score that gig... cuz i know he'd invite me over to check shit out.

the saddest part to me is that Howard Stern will one day retire. maybe not after THIS contract is up... (he always threatens he's done with radio to up his payscale) but he will be gone ONE day.
and i...
am dreading...
that day.

long live the king of all media!!!

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