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Monday, December 01, 2003

anti's guide to getting caught stealing gas

so i pull into filler up, and try my brand new atm card out. it says, "cannot authorize, see cashier."

the cashier grabbed my card, and told me to help myself.

i pumped $20.08 worth, and strolled back in.

they swiped my card again, and were all, "ummm.... it's declined."

ok. i have NO money and am in the middle of nowhere. great. but i got my card back... and got my gas... what do i need THESE people for right? plus i was late for work.

so i tell them, lemme go grab my wallet out of my car..." hop in, and BONE the fuck out of there.

i get home to find a message from a sherrif on my answering machine. they were on to me. i guess i should have been smarter and covered up my license plate. but i ain't no crook, really. i stole only because i had to. right?

so today i called the gas station and told a great lie about how it wasn't ME, it was some un-trustworthy relative, and i will pay them ASAP. and they agreed to drop the charges. but... i wasn't expecting the same chick to be there.

i stalked the place till it seemed she was in the back... and i go up to the cashier dude, and say, "i did a gas'n'go yesterday, here's the money..." and he starts yelling for the chick who will obviously recognize me. that's when i boned out for the second time.

so i dunno. maybe she dropped the charges, maybe not. one thing i know for sure, is that i'm the dumbest person alive.

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