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Monday, December 29, 2003

aiight i got some good shit for you tonight. your eyes are gonna get infected. bust out the eye drops...

my friends got totally mad at me for saying i felt like alecia keys tends to "black it up" with the use of ebonics, when she's really far more articulate. they called me a racist, and asked how i could not like her because of that.

but they're all either crazy or retarded, or maybe they were not on the sober side of thinking, because i had to repeat over and over, that i DO like alecia keys, and i even have some of her songs, and i think she's very pretty.

but it's like, i have the same feelings about kelly and jack osborne. i think they "britt it up". for chrisakes, they grew up in BEVERLY HILLS. not the UK. it's like how come the chinese-liquer-store-owner's kid's speak perfectly americanized non-accent having english, and yet the osborne kids sound just like their folks. and really just like sharon, cuz ozzy's accent is well... i don't know what the fuck it is, but it's not an eglish accent anymore.

the main difference being of course i do not like kelly or jack, i think they're fat and ugly, and talent-less.
ok nuff on that.

now for this other thing that peaked my intrest... the lick blog. it's a group blog. and i expect that some of it will be awesome, and some of it will suck... just like every single blog out there. but for some reason there's all this comotion about it. maybe because it's a girls only blog... but even that isn't entirely true, because tony pierce (founder of lick) told me that he may be calling on me and or other boys he thinks write well for blog-guest-appearances.

i think really it's just tony. i think if it was ANYONE else starting up the same thing... not only would nobody notice, but nobody would have much of an opinion on it. tony's a super nice dude who packed me a bonghit once, and when i was desperate enough to beg for money... he flowed me some duckets. i think most of the lick drama that's going round stems from jealousy.
even i'm jealous of tony...
even if only for the size of his...

the bottom line is that i wish him luck on his project, and i hope the outcome is lame less often than my own blog. and that should be easy.

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