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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, November 21, 2003

yah... so what if i don't have anywhere to be on thanksgiving? thank the gods that i don't.

i always hated cranberry sauce anyways.

my cousin's asked me, "hey anti... why don'cha ambush your dad's house...?"
but they KNOW why. my dad figuratively bent me over and ass raped me. how can you forget shit like that?

ninjagurl and her brother mutzer are happy to have me over. besides they haven't gotten to see me since like... march or february. i feel bad when people don't get to see me. whatta damned shame.

i slept in my car last night (again) and know what? it's the bomb, baby. i just crawl onto the bench seat in the back of of the extenda-cab use my filthy yellow sweatshirt for a pillow.... and use one sleeve on the sweatshirt to wrap around my eyes, and block out any light. and BAM!!!! i'm parked in front of my work, and the new "morning commute" is however many steps from my truck to the front door.

in other words... please paypal me more. everyone STOPPED. and ummm... if anyone knows anyone in bakersfield (yes i'm stuck in the sticks AGAIN) please hookit up so i can sleep on their couch. thank you in advance.

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