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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

so whitey's coming down to LA from santa cruz.

this means we will treat his mom's kitchen like our own personal cafeteria.

and that i might get smoked out with santa cruz's finest.


and dreddy's boyfriend wants me to help sell his bike. he wants $1,000 for it... so anything over that is all me.

anyone want a bike for a million dollars? (ruttedout [at]

what's cool is that i DO have great friends in the end. i had to make some cuts, and drop the losers, but the ones i have now are all tight as fuck.

i forget that sometimes...

it's the first of the month, and so begins the dodging of the landlord. or the pawning of my guitar.

finding a job is stressful when you have deadlines like... rent. and hunger.

and i haven't gotten laid in so long i think my dink is gonna fall off.

guhhhh.... life's a bitch sometimes, man...

and how lame

is this shirt?

or is it even lamer

that i want it??

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