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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

so i want the family that's going to my dad's house tomorrow to deliver this little message

hi dad asshole of the century,

so i hope you and your retarded wifey #6 can look in the mirror everyday and live with who is looking back. oh you feel alienated, and have a hole in your heart? well tough shit for you, ass breath.

you could make it up to me, and win me back someday... but you'd have to cough up the cash, and clear the debts you accumulated in MY name. until then, rot in hell you stupid piece of shit.

you always thought that you were smarter than me, and smarter than carrie and ginger (those are my sisters for you unknowing readers), and smarter than mom... SO FUCK YOU, because i AM just as smart as you are, just as ruthless, and ten times more diabolical.

remember wife #4, rosie??? do you, do you? yah well rosie cheated on you, dumbass, and guess who fouled her up nice and good... I DID!!! never saw that comin did'ya?! i fucked her every which way but sideways

know what, motherfucker? you're a sad sad man... who will die alone, and miserable. i feel sorry for you, for losing me, because i'm the SHIT, buddy. and you? you just smell like shit.

here comes thanksgiving, and what am i thankful for? i'm thankful i'm not gonna get arrested for kicking your bald, 6'6", ugly, fat-ass... because if i was there... i'd pummel you. you little bitch.

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