Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

no i didn't just wake the fuck up. i just always look like that.

actually that pic was taken five seconds before i wrote this shizzzz... and like 14 hours after i woke the fuck up.

they should change the name of fallbrook to "a place actually shittier than bakersfield"

i haven't masturbated since sunday... this might be a record time for me. i think before this the longest i had gone without jerkin the gherkin was like 10 hours. and yes, i'm going thru withdrawals. i'll go wax in a minute though. i'm busy bloggin.

and i'm earning mad respect in the sign community. i have fresh new ideas, i bust my ass with total retard-strength, and the most important = i make the clients happy.

i just wish there was enough work so that i could remind everyone of that more than once a month. cuz i'm starvin over here. (click paypal....)

so yep, that's it. i'm not high, what do you expect? the only really good shit i write is when i'm so chinese'd that my face looks like a fortune cookie.


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