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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

i try and throw in the towel, and just when i give up hope... a sign of light appears at the end of the tunnel. the tunnel of DEATH.

i guess i got a second job lined up. landscaping. hopefully that'll start filling the void of the roller coaster of a job i currently have. these damn sign gigs are feast-or-famine. perfect if i already have a steady gig. now i got one.

i'll work like a ox in the blistering sun for pesos at this point if i thought someone'd hire me. i suddenly have empathy for the mexicans that hang out at home depot alllll day. viva la raza, vatos locos!

i just hope they'll let me rock it shirtless at the landscaping jobby, cuz i need to not make this farmers tan any worse. i'll even settle for a wife beater tan. and don't ask what they pay either. but no job could pay me enough right now. unless they paid $1,000/hour... then i could quit after 4 hours.

but i'd prolly stick around.

also i rearranged my apartment, and it feels awesome in here. like brand new.

and suddenly there's enough room for me to bust out my sick break dancing styles. i always loved break dancing... it's like pefect for watching when your on acid. but i haven't done acid since highschool. and i can't dance a lick.

i can't sing either.

but i'm so fucking good at lighting cigarettes it's off the hook. or as they say in france... "off the heezy fa sheezy"
ok maybe they don't say that in france all that much... but i'm sure it has been said there at least once.

fuckit, nevermind.

i'm cracking out on technorati

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