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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

ever been to fallbrook, california? lemme save you the trip if you haven't...

i hope to have pics up as soon as i can of this sign walker we have that is in a wheel chair, an electric wheel chair...
and he makes the wheelchair spin and rotate while he holds that fucking sign. it's fucking great! i love it...
but i worry he'll use up all his wheelchair-batteries.

and i'm working with my main sign homie, Lloyd. this guy is awesome. he used to be a trucker and can teach you all the trucker slang you ever wanted to know. like how Highway Patrol is called a Bear. and a sherrif is a County Mounty, and a city cop is a city kitty. fabulous.

and if you ever wanted to learn how to double log your truck routes, so you can do drugs all day and night and drive non stop, and not worry about the highway patrol catching on... ask Lloyd. in fact email me with trucker questions, and i'll run em past lloyd


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