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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

so i found this picture on the ground. i like it. it's from redondo high, my old highschool's rivals. the fuckin sea hawks man, us mira costa high school mustangs hate us some redondo high sea hawks.

i never really cared though. but i think costa had the hotter chicks. so we won the war in the end.

a lot of people on the news all day said they'd grab their photos if they had to evacuate immediately. my friend came over and asked me what i'd grab if i had like two minutes to get out.

i said i'd take my camera and my CPU. but it's partly because i lost/threw away most of my precious belongings back in april... back then i might have said my photos or my cd collection. but those things are dusted now. i keep telling myself i'm not bitter, and i'm THIS close to believing it.

it's 4:45am, and i'm still awake. this is getting ridiculous. but at least the fires serve as an excuse to be a total hermit. "uhhh.. the smoke in the air like hurts my lungs, dude..."

but i think i'm gonna go and buy a snickers bar from the 7 with pennies seeing as everyone is waiting for the "perfect" chance to paypal my ass. excpet ryan of san diego who appears to work in a GNC, or something...

see this?

man i don't even have like fucking ketchup. i remember being a kid, and opening the fridge, and even when there wasn't shit to eat, there was still shit in there... jars of stuff that goes on or with stuff. sauces, i guess.

but like literally, i'm thinking it's time to unplug my fridge. what's the point really?

every once in a while i'll put something in there to get all cold, and chilled out, and shit, like ummm.... a paperclip, or my pillow.

well my point is i'm still begging, i thought maybe you's guys missed it in the last post, and ummm... was hoping i'd re-post the link...

but i'm not gonna trip out and ram it down your throats. but i will grant reasonable requests to donators, such as:
-have me call your girlfriend to tell her she's dumped
-let you tell all your retarded friends that we're total homies
-do your math homework
-kill that one guy you hate
-have sex with your hot 18yr. old daughter
-(or my second personal favorite) do nothing

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